Logistar 400 electric vehicle

Logistar 400All electric, purpose-built Class 4 vehicle designed to serve the last-mile urban delivery market.

Logistar 400 is a Class 4 truck designed primarily for urban delivery and freight covering two significant markets including city delivery fleet and upfitters.

Logistar 400 is ideal for the various demands of today’s challenging delivery market. Logistar 400 can be used by walking couriers or as cab over/forward trucks for box delivery and cutaway delivery vans.

Safe Logistar 400 provides end-users with a high-quality, safe vehicle that exhibits significantly competitive driving range as compared to other similar products on the market.
Unique Solution Logistar 400 provides a unique solution to an extensive group of fleets and logistics customers with a range of up to 124 miles on a single charge, a payload of 5,600 pounds, 490 square feet of cargo capacity, and a top speed of 56mph.
Market Demands In order to effectively address today's market demands, Logistar 400 maximizes cargo volume and payload while maintaining significant competitive range.

Logistar 400 Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)236.1x81.1x107.5 in5998x2060x2730 mm
Cargo Box Size (LxWxH)147.6x76.8x74.8 in3750x1950x1900 mm
Cargo Capacity➀490.9 ft³13.9 m³
Max Speed62 mph100 km/h
Wheelbase143.7 in3650 mm
Payload7755 lbs.3517 kg
Grade ability25%
Range EPA84 mile135 km
Gross Vehicle Weight14,400 lbs.6531 kg
Rated Power50 kw
Peak Power85 kw
Battery TypeLFP
Battery Capacity80.6 kwh
All info shown are based on standard product, actual parameter may vary due to regulation revision & differences in each market.