LM864HBrings Zero Emissions for the Long Range.

LM864H Brings Zero Emissions for the Long Range

The LM864H is a 6×4 semi-tractor representing Cenntro’s first entry into hydrogen fuel cells and its first heavy-duty truck. The semi-tractor’s electric motors are fully powered by high-efficiency sustainable hydrogen fuel cells with eight 210-liter banks that convert hydrogen into electric power by combining it with oxygen, producing only water as its only byproduct. The LM864H will be available in 3Q of 2023.

The LM864H has an operational range and refueling time comparable to many diesel trucks making it suitable for longer distances and heavy, energy-demanding responsibilities in areas where battery charging is limited

The LM864H will allow Cenntro to provide customers with additional choices for zero emissions in a sustainable vehicle


How Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs Work  (FCEV)

A hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system includes a fuel cell stack, which is layered with many individual fuel cells. Hydrogen from an onboard fuel source, and oxygen from the air are fed into the anode (negative) and cathode (positive), respectively. At the anode, the hydrogen molecules release electrons, which travel to the cathode via an external circuit, creating an electrical current that powers the electric motor and other system electronics. In an FCEV, the power generated by the fuel cell stack drives the FCEV‘s electric motor(s), with additional power supplied when needed from a rechargeable battery. This battery is also used to store additional short-term energy generated in FCEVs equipped with regenerative braking.

“Beyond our focus on electric powered commercial vehicle lines, we believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology is the best application for heavy duty logistics as it offers longer ranges and faster refueling.”  Peter Wang, Chairman and CEO


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

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LM864H Specifications

Basic Information
Dimensions (LxWxH)294.9x100.4x150.4 in7490x2550x3820 mm
Wheelbase149.6+53.1 in3800+1350 mm
Curb Weight26,455 lbs12000 kg
Max Speed52 mph 84 km/h
Range186 miles 300 km
Motor TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
Battery Capacity108.78 kWh (LFP)
Fuel Volume8x210 L
Battery ChemistryHydrogen Fuel Cell & LiFePO4
All info shown are based on standard product, actual parameter may vary due to regulation revision & differences in each market.