Cenntro iChassis has iPhone-like functions that allow app installations for different autonomous driving applications

  • Cenntro iChassis is the future of commercial autonomous driving applications.
  • Apps can be downloaded to the Cenntro iChassis for different vertical uses and can enable a recurring revenue model for Cenntro.
  • Example applications include: autonomous driving for city delivery, city sanitation, city surveillance, mobile vending, auto transportation, and rescue services.
  • Production starting Q1,2023. Cenntro owns 100% of the IP.
Cenntro iChassis chip

Advanced System-On-Chip (SOC) fully digitalizes the driving control system powered by chips developed and owned by Cenntro

Cenntro fully digitizes the driving control system through proprietary technology that integrates software, hardware and “System on a Chip”

Smart driving is enabled by our SOC, which connects the vehicle to an App on your smart phone.

Centro’s SOC makes smart driving possible. The SOC connects the vehicle with an App on your smart phone.

Cenntro iChassis integrates with four open- source system software platforms from: Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

  • Real time vehicle monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Speed Control enabled for safety
  • Vehicle performance data
  • Predicts replacement schedule for parts
  • Manage driving performance for safety
Cenntro Mobile App

Cenntro iChassis offers a myriad of designing options that enables a high level of customization.

  • Mobile Service Station Mobile Service Station
  • Auto-patrol Car Auto-patrol Car
  • Automatic Package Delivery Cart Automatic Package Delivery Cart
  • Autonomous City Delivery Truck Autonomous City Delivery Truck
  • Material Handling Robot Material Handling Robot
  • Mobile Vending Machine Mobile Vending Machine
  • Autonomous Transporter Autonomous Transporter
  • Street Sweep Robot Street Sweep Robot