Logistar 200 light electric commercial vehicle

Logistar 200Multi-purpose, all-electric light commercial vehicle (eLCVs); N-1 Class urban delivery vehicle for the EU market.

Logistar 200 is a multi-purpose, light electric commercial vehicle customized for transporting light goods in urban areas. Logistar 200 has a one-ton payload and a cargo space of 247 cubic feet (when using a cargo box). Logistar 200 can be used in three ways: cab and Cenntro iChassis only as well as cargo box and van. All adopt the same Cenntro iChassis and front cab (cockpit).


The multi-purpose Logistar 200 has numerous applications

Delivering goods, hospitality and catering, transportation and storage, rental and lease as well as small businesses. View Gallery

Logistar 200 Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)187.8x64.6x97.8 in4770x1640x2485 mm
Cargo Box Size (LxWxH)106.3x63.4x62.8 in2700x1610x1595 mm
Cargo Capacity➀243.7 ft³6.9 m³
Max Speed50 mph80 km/h
Wheelbase120 in3050 mm
Payload2204 lbs.1000 kg
Grade ability20%
Max Range NEDC192.6 mile310 km
Gross Vehicle Weight Rate5620 lbs.2550 kg
Peak Power60 kw
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Battery Capacity41.9 kwh
All info shown are based on standard product, actual parameter may vary due to regulation revision & differences in each market.