The Metro fills an important void in the commercial market because it is a robust and versatile vehicle that can handle various needs at an affordable price point. The Metro combines characteristic design features with productivity in mind. The Metro is a unique and versatile compact utility vehicle capable of handling a broad range of uses and applications.



The Metro’s durability will far exceed our end users needs expectations, thus ensuring it will be on the job, working hard making and saving money.


The Metro’s robust component and full vehicle design was not only repeatedly tested, refined and retested in computer simulation but also in real world crash testing.


With its slim dimensions, short turning radius and generous cargo capacity, it meets the needs of urban logistics delivery operations.


Designed and built from the ground up as an electric vehicle instead of converted from a gas or diesel vehicle, the Metro is light and aerodynamic.

Maintenance cost are low

The Metro’s low cost maintenance and operation canbe 1/12th the cost of a traditional vehicle in its class.


Built in intelligence for efficient operation and increased safety.


Color Options

Cargo Options

White Metro
Model Name METRO E
Max Speed 25/35 mph*
Range 50/60/75 miles
Charge Time 6/7/8 hrs. (110 volts outlet)
3/3.5/4 hrs. (220 volts outlet)
Battery Type Lead Acid
Operating Voltage 72 VDC
Nominal Power 15 kW

* Max Speed is set by state regulation for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.It is 25 mph in most states, 35 mph in MT and RI, and no max speed in ID, MI, TE, UT and WV. If you are using the vehicle in any of these states, we can set max speed to be 35 mph.

* Charging time is for full charge,we recommend charging before battery runs out.

Payload Capacity 1350 lb
Cargo Volume 5.44 yd³
Length 151.96 in
Width 65.35 in
Height 77.16 in
Curb Weight 1660 lb
Turning Radius 126 in
Gradeability 20%
Drive 2WD Rear
Front Suspension Leaf Spring Independent Suspension
Rear Suspension Torsion Beam Suspension
Brake Disc
Tire 175/65R14
Bodywork Reinforced ABS
Ignition key Central locking system Glove box
Battery monitor Seat with headrest 12-volt power outlet
SAB Braking & Toolbox 2WD Rear Rear vehicle backup camera
Reverse alarming
12 different body colors A/C


We provide some brochures online in pdf format and please feel free to download.

16 page Metro Brochure Download
2 page Metro Brochure Download
2 page Metro Brochure Agricultural Download