The METRO Ⅱ is the result of Cenntro smart mobility. It is a whole new light utility truck. This versatile electric vehicle is designed to move heavy loads, with maximum productivity to easily get around in almost any job site. Every day we push performance to its limit, based on the first version of Metro, this new Metro increases its payload to 1050kg, with 8m³ volume, and 200 km range. At Metro, we are committed to creating electric utility vehicles to deliver the best result.


Large Space

With leading-edge loading space in its class, up to 8m³

Value for Money

A variety of replaceable cars/van boxes; modular and lightweight design leads to significant cost reduction and production efficiency

Safe and Reliable

German chassis design, comprehensive safety strategy system, hence achieving both internal and external excellence

Benefiting from Cenntro Cloud Platform, METRO II is always connected, the linking of the vehicle to real-time information via connectivity improves functionality. Metro’s management package allows customers to manage their vehicles remotely. Business owners can easily monitor their truck by accessing to Cenntro open data platform. This integrated technology reduces potential risk by monitoring traceable vehicle usage history.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 4500×1650×2177 mm
Out Side of Cargo Box (L x W x H) 3100x1650x1500 mm
Cargo Volume 8 m³
Wheel Base 2200 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 180 mm
Truck Weight 1500 kg
Maximum Load Weight 1050 kg
Total Weight 2550 kg
Maximum Speed 85 km/h
Gradeability 20%
Range 150 km 300 km
Battery Type Lithium Battery Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 20 kWh 40 kWh
Electric Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous
System Voltage 258 V
Maximum Motor Power 40 kW
Charging Time 2 h / 10 h
Electric Drive Method Straight Reducer Drive
Body Structure Edge Beam
Front/Rear Suspension Type Independent Suspension/Non-Independent Suspension
Front Brake/Rear Brake Type Disc/Drum